As a Santa Barbara DJ and a Los Angeles Mitzvah DJ, it’s important that your Mitzvah be special no matter what! Even if you just presented your haftorah during service and had a small gathering with family and the congregation afterward, it would be a momentous occasion. But, there are certainly ways to make the celebration more unique and personalized. Bar or bat mitzvah themes help to accomplish this objective and add a whole other level to the celebration. Here are 5 themes that make for a killer mitzvah and will leave an impression with you and your guests long after the festivities have ended.

1. iPhone Apps

This is a great interactive, modern theme that can involve both kids and adults. Due to the extensive variety of apps out there, different topics and games can completely come into play.

iPhone App Lounge App Cupcakes iPhone App Cake

2. VIP Club

This is a super fun theme if you and your guests want to feel VIP and well taken care of. This theme can apply to different motifs of clubs, so the possibilities — from hip hop to trendy — are endless.

VIP Club VIP Club2 VIP Club Passes

3. Candy

This classic theme never goes out of style and only gets more elaborate and creative as it continues! The theme offers a wide range of candy-related decor from retro candy to Candyland.

Candy Land Candy Land Runner Rock Candy Centerpiece

4 Glowing Lights

Always a treat for the eyes, the Glowing Lights theme can even extend all the way to shoe laces! Talk about creative. And who doesn’t love some colorful, lit-up cotton candy?! Mazel tov!

Glow Shoe Laces LED Cotton Candy Glow Drinks

5. Arcade

Sure, arcades may have hit their heyday decades ago, but they never cease to entertain. Kids and adults alike will be endlessly amused by this theme.

Arcade Purple Balloons Arcade Band Arcade CU

Bar and bat mitzvahs don’t need much fluff to make parents proud, but as is evident from these hot themes, boosting the fun with a creative way to celebrate steps up the party factor to another level. When selecting a theme, consider what would be the most fun for the mitzvah boy or girl and also what may provide the most entertainment for guests. After all the hard work of studying Torah, it’s time to let loose and enjoy the party.


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