When you are planning your son’s California Bar Mitzvah, one of the things with which you need to use careful consideration is the Bar Mitzvah DJ. Your reception most likely will have about an equal mix of children and adults. They probably do not have the same taste in music so the difficult part is finding the right DJ who can bring both groups together. Many people remember the reception based on how well they liked the DJ. This is why it is important not to hire the first DJ you find. You should do your research on the different ones in your area to ensure you are getting the best one.

When you are doing your Bar Mitzvah DJ research, no question should be off limits. You should ask them what type of music they typically play at Bar Mitzvahs. Possibly the most important question you should ask a potential DJ is whether they typically play at Bar Mitzvahs. Many DJs play at wedding receptions, and although they are similar, there are different rituals of which the DJ should be in tune with. If you still are uncertain of whom you should hire, you actually could go as far as asking the DJ for recommendations. Talk with people who have used the DJ before. Ask if they enjoyed him and whether they would hire him again.

Another thing you need to take into consideration when hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ is how involved they plan on being during the ceremony. It may be important for you to have your DJ active in hosting the event. If this is the case, then your DJ needs to be familiar with all the rituals that go along with a Bar Mitzvah reception as opposed to a DJ who may be less expensive but that plans to be more passive. Your guests will remember the Bar Mitzvah party in some part based on how the DJ controls the crowd.

Because your son’s Bar Mitzvah is one of the most important days of his life, you need to make sure you use careful planning when it comes to his reception. He only will have one Bar Mitzvah, so you want to make sure the reception can be as great as possible. You can do this by hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ who has experience in entertaining both the children and adult crowds together, knows how to get people dancing, and is confident and alive. This experience will ensure that everyone has a good time!

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