Your company holiday party or summer outing will be a lot more fun this year if you hire a Santa Barbara DJ from Scott Topper Productions to be the entertainment. Sure, there’s probably an employee or two who has a brother or a cousin who’s in a band or owns some DJ equipment, but aren’t you a bit beyond that? Your employees deserve a professional show this year, something different from that same old, same old that they’ve gotten used to. Surprise them with something new and different.

The expense of providing a good show is more than justified by the boost in morale and productivity that you’ll get from doing it. Did all of your employees show up at your last company function? Do they usually attend when it’s optional or do they only come when you make it a company obligation? Hire one of our Santa Barbara DJ’s and they’ll be standing in line to get tickets to the event. You may even find that many of them have hired us before for weddings or bar mitzvahs.

Parties aren’t the only event you could use one of our DJ’s for. Long business meetings where you bring people in from out of town could use an occasional break and some background music for the midday meal. You could even combine an event like that with a dance and show from one of our Santa Barbara DJ’s and professional dancers. You can do your business during the day and learn a few new dance steps in the evening.

As a business manager or owner you are under no obligation to entertain your employees. That’s our job. If you hire us as the entertainment for your party or business meeting the people who work for you will be grateful and happy to come to work every day. They’ll feel that you have their best interests in mind and that you’ve shown them that through your actions. Morale is everything these days. You can boost it in your company by hiring one of our DJ’s for your next party or corporate event.

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