Los Angeles Prop Classic Vintage 1951 Ford Farm Truck for Rent

“Old Yella” loves to have her photo taken!
Los Angeles trade show truck rental
Movie Prop Truck
Stylized Photo Shoots
Music Video Prop Truck
Los Angeles Expos
Orange County Conventions
Anaheim Convention Center Expos
Anaheim, CA Trade Shows

Hollywood TV Shows, Music Videos, Movie Picture truck
Farm-to-Table Corporate Events
Wedding Photo Shoots- Great for Wine Country Vineyard Ranch and Rustic Chic Barn Stylized Wedding themes.

Img 7030

Place your Wedding Cake on the flatbed
Place your Wedding Gifts on the flatbed
Have a DJ on the flatbed
A Beer Keg Bar- We place old barn wood doors on the flatbed and bring 8 Pabst Blue Ribbon Bar stools
A Wine Bar
(We do not provide alcohol as truck is used as a prop only)

Img 7061 2

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