Santa Barbara Karaoke Party DJs

Karaoke DJs are a fun way to get everybody in on the fun. They can spin a variety of instrumental tracks while your guests sing the lyrics! From classic rock songs to ’80s anthems to top pop hits.

Karaoke DJs in Santa Barbara, California bring a whole new element to your party. We keep the karaoke moving along in a fun, yet professional way.

Scott Topper Productions provides karaoke for virtually any event and allows the guest to have a unique and enjoyable celebration.

Scott Topper Productions Karaoke and DJ hosts a wide variety of parties. Serving the greater Santa Barbara and Los Angeles areas, we bring the karaoke right to you! We will set up indoors or out and in just about any size room. Set-up for karaoke is simple; we can have you up and singing in about 45 minutes.

Birthdays for Kids, Teens, and Adults
Wrap Parties
Office Parties
School Events
Holiday Parties
Karaoke Party Trucks

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