Need to rent a dance floor?
Having an outdoor wedding or event in Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Camarillo, or Los Angeles?

Perhaps your wedding is outside or your venue doesn’t have a dance floor?

It’s good to rent a dance floor if the flooring is cracked or irregular such as on grass, sand, or an outdoor flagstone patio. It’s important to rent a dance floor if the existing flooring is made of something else where people could get their heels stuck or trip. Or maybe if you have a great big open undefined stretch of carpet, it’s good to have a dance floor so people congregate together.

It is difficult to dance and spin around on carpet if you really like to dance. You may get stuck and fall over. Heels can get stuck in the carpet and it’s dangerous for the guests and can ruin the carpet.
Is your venue floor made of concrete?


People rent a dance floor for weddings and events because it’s more springy and comfortable on your feet.


Our dance floors provide a better dance surface, especially if your dance floor area is concrete.

Some people rent our dance floors because dancing will be on a deck and they don’t want heels to fall into the slats.

Dance floors are rented for outdoor weddings, and at venues that don’t have dance floors.
For outdoor weddings, renting a dance floor one is a must so no one hurts themselves. Clients request a dance floor because it is easier to dance on.

Dance floors are lovely to dance on and look fabulous. Our oak dance floors and our teak dance floors match the overall decor of your beautiful event.

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