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Throw the Party of the Decade with a Santa Barbara Disc Jockey

Do you want to be known as the one who threw “The Party” of 2010? The year is just beginning so you can start planning now for the event that your friends and neighbors will be talking about when the turn of the next decade happens. It’s officially the end of the first ten years […]

Make Your Daughter Feel Special with a Bat Mitzvah DJ

Sometimes the boys get all the attention, but the night your daughter celebrates her Bat Mitzvah will be all hers, no matter how many brothers she has. It’s the night she takes her place as a member of the adult community, no longer a little girl but a young woman according to the most ancient […]

Why You Should Hire Us as Your Bar Mitzvah DJ

According to tradition, your son will become a man on the day he celebrates his Bar Mitzvah. Does the DJ who will handle the entertainment at his celebration understand that? The customs involved go back thousands of years to the days of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph. Everyone who takes part in the planning of this […]

Think About a DJ for your Santa Barbara Wedding Entertainment

When you begin the planning for your wedding day you set out to make sure that everything about it is perfect, not just exceptional but flawless. The flowers, the food, the venue, all need to be carefully selected if you want to achieve that ambiance which will cement this day in your memory as one […]

Questions to Ask Your Santa Barbara DJ

The entertainment you provide your guests at a wedding, mitzvah, or corporate event has to be just right if you want them to have a good time. To ensure that happens, there are questions you need to ask before hiring a Santa Barbara DJ. Once you’re in the midst of the event you can’t change […]

Wedding at the Santa Barbara Zoo, June 2009 with MC DJ Scott Topper

Seth and I were having so much fun at our wedding that we neglected to tell you how awesome and perfect all of the music was. We could not have asked for anything more. Thank you so much. Everything that you did was beyond phenomenal. All of our friends and family members told us numerous […]