Cora Legg & Tom Danielson Wedding
Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chase Palm Park Center

can be found in the Santa Barbara Wedding Directory and is a wonderful location for Santa Barbara County Weddings. Located at 236 East Cabrillo Boulevard Santa Barbara, CA 93101 – (805) 897-1982. This is where Cora and Tom hosted their Ceremony and Reception.

This venue is one of the hidden gems for ceremony and reception locations Santa Barbara style. Cora the Bride and Groom Tom found professional wedding services at the website Santa Barbara Wedding The Bride and Groom relied on several Santa Barbara Wedding Vendors including the professional disc jockey and Emcee services of Scott Topper Productions.

185 Blanks by the Aunts

Explanation of 185 Blanks:

If you want to see the Bride and Groom kiss at a Wedding, rather than tapping your glasses, try to impress the crowd with a jokey pun. Go up to the front of the room and tell a joke by using the formula, “185 Doctors walk into a bar, The Bartender says we don’t serve Doctors here. The Doctors say, Aw, C’Mon, just one shot!” The blanks include doctors, bicycles, and monkeys. You pick a blank and give a punch line. If the Bride and Groom think your joke is an exceptionally good pun, they will kiss. Bad joke pun, no kiss by the Bride and Groom. Try it, it’s FUN!

MC Scott Topper with Bride and Groom

Wedding services Santa Barbara chic is what Cora the Bride was all about! They trusted, the wedding and event resource directory for their catering, coordination, location, officiate, flowers, DJ Entertainment, Cake, photographer, and event rentals.

Cora later described her Ceremony & Reception as a dream Santa Barbara Wedding. Originally Cora wanted a green Santa Barbara Wedding. Cora chose Wedding Professionals Santa Barbara Florist Charlene Fletcher at 805-403-4888.
Vendors included coordination by Kim Stabile of Woody’s Catering and Food Service.

Bride and Groom on the Dancefloor

Donna Hallenbeck Custom Wedding Cakes at 805-687-2784.

Santa Barbara & Southern California Wedding Photography by Cherry Thomas of Cherry Photography

The Tent and Dance Floor were provided by Glen Novak at EventRents, tent and event specialists.

Scott Topper Productions offered a creative DJ Experience and came up with An Interactive Way to Toast a Bride & Groom with 185 Joke/Puns.

Improv at a Wedding is FUN! Here’s an interactive way to toast the Bride and Groom.

185 Bicycles walk into a bar. The bartender says we don’t serve your kind here. The bicycles say but we’re so tired! 185 Doctors walk into the bar and the bartender says we don’t serve Doctors here and the Doctor says Why and the bartender says you’ve been X’d, Ray. 185 Watermelons walk into a bar, bartender says we don’t serve watermelons here, the watermelons say why that’s not very rind of you.

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Flanked by towering palms on one side and the blue Pacific on the other, the Chase Palm Park Center is a “hidden jewel” located on the ocean side of Cabrillo Boulevard opposite the carousel in Chase Palm Park. A Spanish-style entryway leads into a contemporary main room with carpeting, recessed sconce lighting and marine-themed art. Adjacent is a small conference sun room with French doors that open onto an outdoor, semi-circular concrete patio, just right for viewing the sunset of dancing under the starts. This is a perfect spot for intimate receptions, business meetings, staff retreats and family parties.