Need an old red Christmas mobile DJ Truck for your next Los Angeles or Ojai or Santa Barbara event? Great for Hollywood photo shoots, family Christmas photo prop, or as a mobile DJ truck.

In 1959, GMC produced the 100 series of pickup trucks, which were part of GMC’s line of light-duty trucks. These trucks were designed for various hauling and utility tasks and were known for their ruggedness and durability. This custom has stopped hauling hay but does make the rounds at car shows and cruise nights.

Mobile DJ Truck – We Bring the Party to You!

The GMC 100 pickup truck features a design that was in line with the styling trends of that era. With a distinctive front grille and horizontal bars, dual headlights, and the GMC logo prominently displayed, you can tell this is a fine truck from any vantage point.

Our Vintage Christmas red mobile dj truck 100 has been optioned out with 5.3 Chevy LS motor with an overdrive transmission and power disc brakes offering plenty of power to move this truck along.

Old Red 1959 GMC Farm Mobile DJ pickup Truck for Rent for your next event!

Collectability, like many vintage vehicles, the 1959 GMC 100 pickup trucks have gained popularity among collectors and enthusiasts over the years. Their classic design and historical significance make them sought after by those who appreciate vintage trucks and the automotive heritage of the time.

Southern California’s Classic Mobile DJ Truck Experience

Our 1959 GMC Red Mobile DJ Truck is equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems, dazzling lighting, and a professional DJ setup. Our mobile setups can be customized to fit various event types, from weddings and Santa Barbara private parties to Los Angeles corporate functions and outdoor festivals. Here’s what you can expect from our vintage Mobile DJ Truck experience:

High-Quality Sound: Our Mobile DJ trucks come with powerful sound systems that can fill even large outdoor spaces with music. You’ll experience high-quality audio that ensures your event’s music and announcements are crystal clear.

Impressive Lighting: These trucks are equipped with dynamic lighting setups that create a vibrant atmosphere. From colorful LEDs to laser lights and strobes, the lighting transforms any space into a dance floor.

Professional DJ Services: Mobile DJ trucks typically come with a skilled DJ from Scott Topper Productions who can curate playlists, mix tracks, and keep the crowd engaged. We are not just about music; we are dj entertainers who read the room and adjust the tempo accordingly.

Versatility: Whether you’re hosting an elegant wedding or a lively street festival, our Mobile DJ Truck can adapt to your event’s theme and atmosphere. Our old mobile dj trucks provide a versatile entertainment solution that suits various occasions.

Why Choose our Southern CA Old Classic Mobile DJ Trucks?

Scott Topper’s Los Angeles Mobile DJ trucks offer several benefits that set us apart from traditional DJ setups:

Convenience: The “mobile” aspect means the party comes to you. No need to worry about renting equipment or setting up a sound system. Our Mobile DJ Truck takes care of it all.

Unique Experience: Mobile DJ trucks create a visually captivating and immersive experience. They bring a sense of novelty to your event that guests won’t soon forget.

Engagement: Our Professional DJs on our trucks are experts at engaging the crowd. We know how to read the room and keep the energy levels up.

Customization: Mobile DJ setups can be tailored to fit the theme of your event, whether it’s a black-tie gala, a beach party, or a retro-themed celebration.

Outdoor and Indoor Events: These trucks are versatile and can be used for both outdoor and indoor events. So, whether it’s an open-air festival or a cozy indoor party, the mobile DJ truck can accommodate.

Popular Applications of Santa Barbara Mobile DJ Trucks

Weddings: Couples looking for a unique and memorable wedding reception often opt for a Mobile DJ Truck to ensure a lively dance floor and great entertainment.

Outdoor Festivals: Music festivals, community events, and outdoor concerts benefit from the mobility and power of our unique Southern CA Mobile DJ Trucks.

Corporate Events: Businesses use our old-fashioned 1959 mobile dj trucks to add a fun element to corporate parties, product launches, and team-building events.

Private Parties: From milestone birthdays to holiday celebrations, our Classic Old Red mobile dj truck and old Yellow Mobile DJ Truck elevates the atmosphere at private gatherings.

Street Fairs and Food Truck Festivals: Our Santa Barbara mobile DJ Trucks are a common feature at street fairs, food truck festivals, and other community events where a lively ambiance is desired.

Our 1950’s Los Angeles Mobile DJ trucks are not just vehicles; they’re a complete party experience on wheels. They offer convenience, versatility, and a unique atmosphere for a wide range of events. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate function, or community event, consider the dynamic and engaging services of our old red Mobile DJ Truck to elevate your celebration and keep the party going.

Our vintage mobile dj trucks are perfect for Santa Ynez Valley Weddings, Solvang Weddings, and Wine Country Weddings!

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