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It’s where guests will spend most of the time at your event, and will host one of the most-watched moments during your celebration. And yet, the dance floor is often ignored when designing picture-perfect nuptials. What are you more likely to frame in your home: a photo of your centerpieces or one of you and your spouse having your first dance? While the standard tiled hardwood is certainly not an unattractive feature at a reception, we must say we are smitten with the idea of a special, custom dance floor. But perhaps that’s because we’ve seen so many great ones from the real weddings featured both online and in magazines.


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The 3 Walks People Do On Their Way To The Dance Floor

1. The Reticent
The reticent begins his or her night by declaring that they “are totally uncoordinated,” that they are “not big dancers,” or that they “have just replaced the cartilage in their kneecap.” Their friends not only don’t believe them, but rightfully take their statements as a challenge. Or more like the glove slap in the duel of “getting you on the dance floor to have fun despite the fact that you told me you don’t like dancing and I know from logic, common sense, and being an alive human person that people don’t normally have fun doing things they do not like.” Like the Hamilton-Burr, it’s a pretty fun duel to watch at first, but things devolve quickly for one side. Your friend is confident the only ingredient necessary to change this incomplete equation of you and dancing is force — as in the force they use to drag you, The Reticent’s, limp body to the dance floor.

2. The Social Prop
Remember when you were just a youth? Maybe you had a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or security blanket? Well now that your security blanket is just an adult sleeping accessory that you hide in a pillowcase when you have sex guests — you need something else. That something else is a Social Prop. You need something to hold in your hands, which will make sliding onto the dance floor a cinch. Anything will do: a drink, a cocktail, a shot, a beverage, two beverages, a sign that says “I’m awesome” or in special cases an integral piece of your Halloween costume. The social prop walk involves raising your glass (I know) and pretending that any awkward dance moves were just attempts not to spill your drink.

3. The Girls (And/Or Boys) Just Wanna Have Fun
Are you familiar with the American Civil War? Sorry that was a joke. Obviously, your dad also took you to watch a battle reenactment that you were not entirely convinced was a fake battle — while eating hardtack that you were not entirely convinced was a real food. Like most people, your parents also took you to the premiere of the 1993 film Gettysburg. Of course, you have sat in a movie theater watching three days of gruesome battlefield action in only 4.5 hours, yet somehow still feeling like the film is unfolding in real-time.
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