Old Farm Truck Prop Rentals Southern California Events

Santa Barbara Old Pickup Truck Prop Rentals

Los Angeles Old Truck Prop Rentals

Vintage & Classic Vehicle Rentals!

RENT Old Yella Truck for Your Next Event!

Event photography, family photography, portrait photography, promotional photo shoots.

Pumpkin Farm Fall Photo Shoots and Events

Vintage prop unique truck for your next event.

We provide old farm truck prop rentals to the greater Los Angeles area, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Orange County, Santa Ynez Valley and Solvang, CA!

1951 F2 Ford Farm Pickup Prop truck for Halloween Photo Shoots, Christmas Photo Shoots, Video and Social Media Shoots, Music Videos, Holiday video shoots, Wedding photo shoots, corporate shoots, TV commercials, and events.

“Old Yella” Classic Vintage Old Farm Pickup Truck is used for weddings, corporate events, films, parties, etc.

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Rentals for any and all events, from Weddings, Birthday’s, Showers, Influencer Events to Corporate Events.

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