Online Improv Customer Experience Professional Course

Online Improv Sales Training Course

Online Sales Training Course Improv Fun and Games

Fun Team Building Company Online Zoom Activity

Online Improv Sales Skill Training

We help company employees become confident sales, marketing, and customer service presenters with Fun online sessions.

Improv Fun and Games with Scott Topper from HypeCats Video & Ameravant on Vimeo.

With nearly every organization impacted by COVID-19, learning has quickly become the center of the organizational response. As a top learning leader, Scott’s goal is to help you to lead and guide your employees into the new world of work training with Improv Fun and Games.

Scott Topper’s one-hour Improv ‎Online Sales Training Class helps your team to develop Sales Skills and covers the Basics of Improv with lots of fun Salespeople Tips.
This is a fun improv sales training program for your team with a toolkit for success.
Leadership & Team Building Improv Session for All Sales Professionals Who Want to impress Clients and Increase Sales.

Scott’s Online Improv team building session is an effective form of sales training and one that is designed to stick.

Build active listening skills and embrace objections as an opportunity with online improv sales skill training.

Virtual Improv Class training for private corporate groups who wants explore improvisation skills applied to their work online.

Your employees will be Improving Sales Skills Through Improv with Scott’s Improv Fun and Games Session.
#1 Virtual Sales Improv Training Program to Improve Prospecting Techniques‎

Employees are spending 130% more time learning, based on LinkedIn Learning data (January/February 2020 vs March/April 2020).

Who needs our online improv training? Corporate HR Professionals, Customer Experience Professionals, Expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning, Event Planners, Marketing Professionals, Marketing, Sales, Media and Communication, Business Development, and Operations Professionals.

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