The entertainment you provide your guests at a wedding, mitzvah, or corporate event has to be just right if you want them to have a good time. To ensure that happens, there are questions you need to ask before hiring a Santa Barbara DJ. Once you’re in the midst of the event you can’t change the entertainment if they don’t live up to expectations. Here’s a list of a few questions you should ask before finalizing any arrangements:

The first inquiry you can make is about experience and references. Scott Topper has been in business since 1982 and has plenty of references from satisfied customers. Compare that to any other Santa Barbara wedding entertainment and you’ll find that there’s just no one else out there who has been around as long and has the reputation that Scott has. When you’re looking into hiring someone ask about experience.

Next on the list is variety. How many different themes can your Santa Barbara Disc Jockey provide and is one of them the one you want for your wedding or mitzvah? STP offers two great interactive DJ themes, “70’s DJ Disco Inferno Show” or the ever-popular “Elvis All-Star DJ Review Show.” We also have a full range of music to choose from which spans multiple generations and genres.

Finally, and this is more a matter of instinct than a question, is the person you are choosing to handle the entertainment at your event someone you feel comfortable with? A true showman knows how to connect with his audience and that process begins with connecting with the client. If you aren’t sold by his act in a one on one situation how can you expect your guests to be happy?

Scott Topper would be happy to answer any of these questions for you and meet with you any time to discuss availability and pricing. References are available and the choice of STP as your wedding or mitzvah entertainment is one that you will not be disappointed in. Hire us and let the fun begin. The laughter, smiles, and satisfaction of your family and friends will be the proof you made the right decision.

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