When you begin the planning for your wedding day you set out to make sure that everything about it is perfect, not just exceptional but flawless. The flowers, the food, the venue, all need to be carefully selected if you want to achieve that ambiance which will cement this day in your memory as one of the very best you’ve ever had. The ceremony will commence, you’ll say “I do” or “Mazel Tov”, and then your guests will file off to the reception and the show that you have prepared for them. What do you have planned?

The two most common choices that couples have for Santa Barbara wedding entertainment are a band or a DJ. The former is pretty limited. A live band only knows a specific set of songs and if your guests don’t like them you can’t do anything about it mid-event. With a DJ you have more variety available to you. A good one will bring additional music with him, an easy task today with the portability of digital recordings.

Another benefit to hiring a Santa Barbara wedding DJ instead of a band is the handling of the ceremonial portions of your reception. Any toast or announcements can be made with the microphone and the DJ can be instructed as to any specific customs or ceremonies that you wish to have included in the evening’s entertainment. Our DJ’s at STP have over twenty years experience so we can help you make those choices.

Everyone hopes that the day they get married will be a special occasion that they can savor for the rest of their lives. There’s a lot that goes into making that happen. Each element of the day needs to be carefully planned. You’ll leave the food arrangements to a caterer, the dress fitting to a seamstress, and the set-up of the hall to an event planner. You’ll also want to leave the entertainment to experts. Santa Barbara wedding DJ’s from Scott Topper Productions are those experts. Hire us and let us put on the show that you need to cap off that perfect day. You’ll be able to relax and your guests will really enjoy themselves.

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