Long gone are the days of weddings that fit just one specific blueprint. Modern weddings are all about adding your own unique style and flair to your big day. In this post we’ll explore some of the ultimate tips to do just that. Whether you’re choosing to hire specialists or adding your own unusual DIY touches, we’ve got you covered.

Get Creative with Your Cake Topper

You can have a silly amount of fun with your wedding cake topper: from little hand-painted peg people to polaroids of your faces – the sky’s the limit. Feel free to go completely out there with your cake topper. Choose something that really reflects your individual styles. Like dinosaurs? Have a dinosaur cake topper. Really love donuts? Mr & Mrs donuts with googly eyes are a thing.

Serve Local Delicacies

Popular restaurants have long ago caught on to using the best local ingredients for their dishes. It’s economical (vendor travel costs can add up), helps the community, and allows for the freshest food possible. No matter where you get married, there’ll be some local delicacies worth serving. It might be special chocolate truffles, locally foraged mushrooms, or freshly smoked fish. Regardless, it’ll be a delicious addition to your wedding day as well as being a great talking point. To get the best choice, make sure that you plan ahead, arranging the food around 9-12 months before the big day.

DIY Your Wedding Favors

Crafting your own wedding favors will add a unique and fun touch to your special day. Consider making miniature jars of jam or even bbq sauce. Or infuse your own alcohol a few months before the big day using fruit and spices for your adult guests. You could also make monogrammed cookies or little bags of homemade potpourri from your own garden, if you have one. Simple homemade gifts are frequently the best, as they showcase your personality, and can be tailored to your guest list.

Personalise Your Cocktail Napkins

This is a delightful way to add some of your own personalities to your big day. Simply mock up a design using both your names in a fun font. Free online design tools are very helpful if you’re not naturally a designer. Underneath your name ‘logo’ add some fun facts about yourselves. Have these printed on cocktail napkins for your guests for a quirky, unusual conversation starter.

Personalise Your Soundtrack

Music is a big part of any wedding, and having your favourite songs played as you and your guests dance the night away is a key part of adding your personality to the reception. Whether you’re opting for a live band or a DJ, speak to them ahead of time to make sure that you’ve got some of your all-time favourite tracks lined up.


We hope we’ve given you some first inspiration for adding some of your own unique flair to your big day. The options are endless here and the key is to inject your day with as much of your own personalities as possible. After all, your guests are there to celebrate you, so make your wedding as ‘you’ as you can.



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