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CLICK THIS LINK to hear Scott’s character animation voices for Democracy vs. Sustainability by University of Bern, flashMOOCs – Interactive Educational Videos
Step into the shoes of a small town’s Mayor and work your way up to the federal office. Make sustainable decisions for the benefit of the citizens. Should a food waste app be mandatory or voluntary? Should the majority of voters out rule the minorities? Are political processes even compatible with sustainability? This you will learn in our gamification video.

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Scott Topper’s voice is friendly, conversational, believable, confident, smooth, guy next door, authoritative, animated, sincere, corporate, professional, relatable, sophisticated, informative, and educational.

Gender: Male
Purpose: TV, Video Narration, Characters, Animation, Radio Broadcast
Language: English
Accent: English – American
Age Range: Middle Aged
Tone: Authoritative, Casual, Corporate, Dramatic, Energetic

So what is a male voice-over? Male voice over is a production technique that involves inserting a voice artist’s voice over an audiovisual project. The goal is to help communicate the message of the content more effectively and increase engagement with its audience. Voice overs are widely used in marketing, advertising, e-learning, video games, movies, or TV shows.

A voice artist like Scott Topper is a person who uses their voice to narrate, impersonate a character, or market products or services for different purposes. Voice over artists are well known for possessing acting skills and the well-defined vocal ability to deliver the best voice overs. They usually produce radio commercials, TV commercials, animated movies, dubbing, podcasts, audiobooks, e-learning, and more.

Fast, Affordable, World-Class Male English Speaking Voice Talent
Scott Topper is a World-Class voice actor. Scott produces high quality audio production for TV & radio spots, pre-roll ads, phone on-hold messages/IVR, industrial narration, political ads, corporate training, web based training, E-learning, PA System recordings, or anything that requires a voiceover talent. We can also add quality sound effects, music, etc.

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