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Improv Fun and Games with Scott Topper from HypeCats Video & Ameravant on Vimeo.

Scott Topper’s Improv Fun & Games online Comedy experience is perfect for:
-Business Team Building
-Sales/Marketing Teams
-Incentive Groups
-Company Morale Booster
-Sports Teams
-School or University Staffs

Any group looking for a fun way to come together!

We provide corporate virtual improv comedy experiences for any type of event from company motivation sessions, employee engagement private groups, Corporate Wellness, company appreciation group workshops, virtual conferences, Happy Hours, Birthdays, Private Group Events, Online Team Building, corporate team building events.

Scott’s online one-hour corporate improv Class is conducted entirely online and designed for adults 18 and up. We create a low-stress atmosphere where people can have fun and learn together. Welcome to the world of Improv where Scott will transport you beyond the Zoom screen and you’ll find yourself immersed in the world of theatre and FUN!

Discover the secrets of a improv comedy as Scott’s online improv experience requires no previous improv or performance experience, just a willingness to play and explore. Take the plunge and dive in TODAY! Boost team morale and improve collaboration and communication in our fun and unique online private corporate group improv experience that produces great team building improv results.
Every Fun and Games Improv Comedy online experience with Scott Topper guarantees lots of laughs with each session focusing on YOUR EMPLOYEES!

Your company experience is our top priority and we will work closely with you to create a fun and engaging improv comedy online activity that is specific to your event.
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Scott offers an improv team building program online through video conferencing software so you can organize an interactive and effective virtual improv fun training session anywhere in the world!
Bring an improv comedy show to your virtual events from happy hours to employee events. Scott Topper your host and improv guru We will entertain you, your coworkers or your employees.

Fun and fast-paced improvised theatre, filled with songs, games, and lots of group Zoom session participation and suggestions. Experience Scott’s one-of-a-kind online blend of theatre, comedy, and spontaneity that is unique private group corporate Improv comedy. Improv skills are life skills. Explore your inherent creativity in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Improve team effectiveness, unlock creativity, and build morale with Scott’s customized improv fun training experience.

Whether you are new to improv comedy or want to brush up on those skills, this online improv private corporate group up to ten participants workshop will help you drop reservations you have by harnessing your natural talents. This is the hottest improv comedy theatre online group experience today!

Scott specializes in improvisational classes, team building, private events, and Zoom video production. It’ll be the highlight of your week! What are you waiting for? Try something new! Team Building programs are a great way to strengthen group dynamics and empower individuals, helping them achieve their personal and group goals, all while having fun in the process!

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