Corporate Zoom Video Webinar Management and Live Virtual Streaming Events

Here are some hybrid Zoom virtual live meeting tips:

Five Best Zoom Practices for Hosting a Virtual Event by Scott Topper
Zoom Meetings vs. Zoom Webinars

If you want attendees to mostly listen to presenters use Zoom Video Webinar. Great for large audiences and public events.

If you want interaction between Audience and Host use Zoom Meeting. Breakout Rooms allow participants virtual side sessions outside of the main meeting.

-Follow a Day of Webinar Presenter’s Checklist
-Test the audio and video BEFORE the webinar begins
-Engage your live audience with Q & A
-Create polling questions to gauge the audience attention
-Live feedback during a meeting with “Thumbs-Up” and Live Chat options available


Reach a wider audience, communicate company-wide, and simplify training and onboarding with Zoom’s engaging webinars.

Q: What are Zoom Video Webinars?

A: Zoom Video Webinars allow you to connect with large audiences and share video, audio and content from
any location and device for better engagement. The simple interface allows you to plan and present
professional webinars at an affordable price. Zoom’s high-quality experience scales to up to 50,000 attendees
and supports 100 or more interactive video panelists for a better, more interactive experience.

Q: What are the benefits of Zoom Video Webinars?

A: Zoom Video Webinars are easy-to-use, reliable and built to help you present your best self while making it
super simple for your audience to join.
With “touch up my appearance” filters and studio effects, immersive virtual backgrounds and background noise
suppression capabilities, speakers can share their video and present with confidence from anywhere (like
your bedroom or basement) with Zoom’s high standards for quality, reliability and security.
One of the key benefits is that you can broaden your reach without complication and scale up to 50,000

Q: What can I do with Zoom Video Webinars?

A: With Zoom Video Webinars you can virtually connect and share video with large audiences publicly or
privately. Host a webinar with up to 50,000 attendees. Broadcast to an even larger audience by live streaming
your webinar to Facebook Live, YouTube and other custom streaming services. Rely on Zoom Video Webinars
to promote and build your business or community locally or globally.
Zoom Video Webinars help you:
● Broaden your reach: You can easily attract your audience with branded registration pages and event
reminder emails. Also, see where your audience is coming from with lead source tracking.
● Engage your audience: Being on video helps to make connections and keep everyone more engaged.
Involve your webinar attendees using interactive polling and Q&A with the ability to comment and upvote questions. Attendees can also be promoted to panelists to speak and share video while in-session.
After the event, you can send a survey to gather feedback from attendees.
● Build your business: Record your webinars and make them available to view later by attendees or to
those who sign up to view the content on demand. Capture contact information from everyone who
joins and views your content and push the leads into your CRM. Track and measure webinar

Q: Why should I use Zoom Video Webinars?

A: Zoom Video Webinars offer the most reliable, quality live video experience. People prefer Zoom because it
simply works and scales in connecting people virtually.
Zoom Video Webinars are:
Secure: Require anyone who joins to use a passcode or authenticate. Deny and block attendees. Lock the
webinar to prevent other attendees from joining after it starts.
Simple: The intuitive design fuels quick adoption for hosts as well as attendees with easy-to-use and
manageable controls.
Scalable: Virtually connect with up to 50,000 people. Broaden your reach even more with live streaming to
Facebook, YouTube and other custom streaming services.
Innovative: Enhance your appearance with “touch up” filters and studio effects. Suppress background noise
and use your slides as your virtual background. Display up to 49 panelists on a single screen.
Extendable: Send leads from your webinar to your marketing automation solution for ongoing nurture. Push
attendees as leads into your CRM. Leverage third party apps to enhance event registration management and
monetization. Edit and store webinar recordings as videos. Push webinar trainings into your learning
management system.

Q: What are the most popular features?

A: Specific Zoom Video Webinars features loved by customers include:
● Immersive virtual backgrounds (images, videos, presentation slides)
● Touch up appearance filters and studio effects
● Light and noise controls
● 1 click HD video sharing
● Q&A moderation controls and audience comments and up-votes
● Ability to share files and call-to-action links in a chat window
● Attendee promotion to panelist with audio and video sharing
● Cloud recordings with video trimming capabilities and reporting
● Open platform with APIs, SDKs and third-party app integrations

Q: What are the roles for a webinar?

A: Zoom Video Webinars offer various roles with different permissions.

● The host owns the webinar license and has the most control over the webinar in how it is scheduled,
how it is set up, who can share video and audio, who is invited to listen and learn and what features are
available. The webinar host can also assign alternative hosts who will have the same host controls.
● The host can add a co-host as backup to help run and monitor the webinar session. The co-host has
the same permissions as the host except scheduling and setting up the webinar.
● The host can invite panelists who are able to share video, audio and screen during the webinar.
● Attendees can join the webinar in listen and view-only mode by using a link that is shared by the host
or from the registration page.

Q: Can a host run multiple webinars at the same time?

A: No, concurrent live webinars are not supported by a single user license

Q: What’s the difference between a Zoom Video Webinars and Large Meetings?

A: Webinars are built for presenting polished content to a large audience, whereas Meetings are built for small
to large team discussion and collaboration.
Large Meetings is an optional add-on for Meetings plans to scale up to 1000 live interactive participants. In
large meetings, all participants can share their audio, video and screen.
Webinars are used to host virtual presentations and broadcast them to a view and listen-only audience. This
reduces the risk of disruptions and is a safer choice for large audiences who join mostly to listen and learn.

Q: How easy is it to set up?

A: Setting up Zoom Video Webinars is simple. It runs through the Zoom app, so there is virtually no learning
curve. It only takes minutes to set up through the Zoom web portal (just sign into and click on the
Zoom Video Webinar tab on the left). You can add your brand to the registration, and customize your emails for each
webinar, and immediately begin scheduling and hosting webinars.

Q: How do I manage registrations?

A: Zoom Video Webinars offer a lot of flexibility for handling registrations. There are three options for
managing registrations. First, you can select registration not required, your invitees will be given a URL to join
the webinar and will simply have to enter their name and email to join. Second, you can select to automatically
approve anyone who has registered for the webinar and Zoom provides them a confirmation email. Third, you
may manually approve attendees before Zoom sends out a confirmation email.
When setting up your event’s registration, you can add your brand logo to the registration page and the emails
that get sent out. Zoom also makes it easy to add demographic fields and customized open ended or multiple choice questions to the registration page.
Zoom Video Webinars integrate with many leading CRM systems allowing you to generate leads from
participants that joined a webinar, or push contacts from your CRM system to a webinar registration page.

Q: Can a webinar have more registrants than the webinar plan size?

A: Yes, you can have unlimited registrations or you can set a registration limit but the total number of
attendees who can join a webinar concurrently is based on your Zoom Video Webinars plan (100, 500, 1,000,

Q: What is the max capacity for the number of people who can join Zoom Video

A: Participants of a Zoom Video Webinar include the host, alternative hosts, co-hosts, panelists and attendees.
These roles are defined in detail in this Help article. The max capacity for the number of concurrent live
attendees is defined by the Zoom Video Webinars license held by the host. Concurrent live attendees join the
webinar in listen and view-only mode and cannot see other attendees. The number of concurrent panelists a
Zoom Video Webinar can support is determined by the host’s Zoom Meetings license. If a host has a Large
Meetings license, then they can host a webinar with up to 500 or 1000 panelists.

Q: Is it easy for attendees to join?
Attending Zoom Video Webinars is as straightforward as clicking on a link. Webinar attendees do not need
their own Zoom account to join a Webinar. You can join through a browser or the Zoom client from any
desktop, laptop, mobile device, or Zoom Room. Most attendees simply join with computer audio and never
need to dial into the webinar.

Q: Are Zoom Video Webinars available worldwide?

A: Yes. Zoom has data centers on several different continents to ensure a quality experience globally. As long
as you have a decent internet connection, you can participate in, or attend Zoom Video Webinars from
anywhere. Zoom offers unlimited VoIP from any internet connection, and global dial-in (toll applies) for 55
countries. You can also subscribe to Premium Audio for toll-free call from 120+ countries.

Q: Do you support language interpretation?

A: Yes. Zoom’s language interpretation allows the host to designate panelists as interpreters on the web portal
or during a Zoom session.
When the webinar starts, the host can start the interpretation feature, which will give the interpreters access to
their own audio channels Attendees can select an audio channel to hear their language of choice Attendees will
hear the translated audio and can choose if they want to hear the original audio at a lower volume.
Cloud recordings of interpretation sessions will only record the original audio of the meeting or webinar, not
the translations. Local recordings of interpretation sessions will record any audio that the person recording can
hear, but not multiple audio channels.

Q: What reporting options are available?

A: There are registration and attendee reports to help you track leads and segment for follow- up
communications. Performance reports display engagement statistics on registration, attendance and feedback.
Reports capture the Webinar’s Q&A, polling and post-webinar survey results. All reports are exportable as csv

Q: Are Zoom Video Webinars secure?

A: Zoom has a robust set of security features to meet the requirements for safe and secure collaboration. The
Zoom Cloud is a proprietary global network that has been built from the ground up to provide quality
communication experiences. Zoom incorporates security features, such as AES 256-bit encryption to ensure
that login information and webinar data is secure. Customers in security-conscious industries, such as
healthcare can use Zoom as it can enable Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance
(HIPAA). A Zoom Video Webinar host may choose to manually approve or decline anyone who registers as well
as remove an attendee or lock a webinar to prevent additional attendees from joining once the webinar has
started. For more detailed information about Zoom security, visit

Q: Is there an on-premise option?

A: Yes, you can use Zoom’s hybrid cloud service – known as the Zoom Meeting Connector – to deploy meeting
communication servers within your company’s internal network. User and meeting metadata are managed in
the public cloud while the Webinar is hosted in your private cloud. All webinar traffic including video, voice,
and content sharing goes through the on-premise Zoom Meeting Connector. Zoom Meeting Controller can be
deployed onto any virtualization platform. Contact sales to learn more.

Q: How much do Zoom Video Webinars cost and how do I buy?

A: Zoom Video Webinars plans are defined based on the number of people joining concurrently. Zoom Video
Webinars start at $40 per license per month for 100 people (requiring a Zoom Meetings license). There are
options for monthly and annual pricing. Flat-rate pricing means you can host unlimited number of webinars to
maximize your investment. Zoom Video Webinars support a variety of use cases such as company all-hands,
company events, marketing and customer webinars as well as virtual training sessions (auditorium style). Visit
our pricing page to learn more:

Q: Do you offer plans for educational institutions?

A: Yes. Zoom provides subsidized educational institution pricing to empower educators around the world.
Please contact sales:

Q: How can I purchase toll-free audio minutes?

A: Zoom offers unlimited VoIP from any internet connection and unlimited use of local toll dial-in numbers in
55 countries. You can also subscribe to Premium Audio rates for toll-free and fee-based toll calling for 100+
countries. Visit for more information.

Q: Does Zoom offer professional services to support customer events using webinars?

A: Zoom has a dedicated Event Services team to help customers plan, support and produce the best virtual and
hybrid events using Zoom Video Webinars. Zoom Event Services offers a variety of event support packages to
meet the unique needs of our customers. Zoom Event Services include best-practice consultation on run of
show, production set-up and support as well as live event management and moderation. Contact a Zoom
specialist to request more information.

Q: How can I learn more about Zoom Video Webinars?

A: Learn how you can benefit from the audience connection powered by Zoom Video Webinars today!
Read our blog:
Request a live demo:
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