If you are looking for inspiring ideas on how to write father of the bride speeches, you have found the right place. In this article, let us talk about topics that you can include in your speech to make it meaningful, enlightening, and memorable.

The Welcome Note

You must begin your father of the bride speech with a cheerful welcome note. First, you may briefly introduce yourself as not everyone who attends may know that you are the bride’s father.

Next, welcome and thank everyone who attended this joyous family occasion, including your family, relatives, friends and acquaintances. Be sure to extend a special welcome to the groom’s parents and family as well.

In your welcome note, you may also highlight one or a few of your favourite moments during the wedding ceremony, such as walking your daughter down the aisle, which you will treasure in your memory forever.

About the Bride

Of course, no father of the bride speech will be complete without the story about the bride. This is the part where you can share funny anecdotes that you remember about your daughter when she was a child, while she was growing up, or while she was in her teens. This is your chance to reminisce your precious bonding moments spent with your daughter.

You can also compliment the bride on how beautiful and blooming she looks on this special day. Everyone knows that the bride is the star of the event so she deserves all the best compliments. Let the audience know how proud you are that you are her father and that you are standing here today to give this speech for your daughter’s wedding.

About the son-in-law

This is your opportunity to publicly express warm welcome to your new son-in-law. Tell the audience how happy you are now that he is officially part of your family. What particular traits do you admire about the groom that makes you feel he is the perfect partner for your daughter? Giving sincere complements to the groom will surely make your daughter’s heart happy as well.

In crafting wedding speeches for the father of the bride, you want to show your wisdom and insight, dispensing valuable matrimonial advice to the bride and groom. Above all, you want to show your great, unconditional love for your little girl.

As father of the bride, you play a strong, vital role in the wedding of your daughter. That is why it is important to make all wedding speeches for the father of the bride the best that they can be; and luckily, help is available.

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