Humor hath no boundaries with Mr Warmth. . .

Besides food, opinions about everything, and lovingly overbearing mothers, one of the consistent glues of a Jewish family is humor. And, in fact, some of the most fun mitzvahs have incorporated humor in some way — whether in the bar or bat mitzvah speech or as a part of the reception festivities. So, today we’re going to pay homage to one of comedy’s finest Jewish comedians: Don Rickles.

If you’re familiar with Don Rickles, you know that he does not hold back insults for the sake of anyone — you could be a King or the biggest pop star in the world; no one gets a free pass with Rickles!

If you haven’t heard of him. . . he’s absolutely hilarious. A ground-breaking comedian, he was the Daniel Tosh long before Tosh.0 could get away with any of his egregious jokes. For an inside look into the Jew who (still!) gets away with every offensive joke that comes out of his big mouth, check out these fantastically funny clips.

Don Rickles on Jimmy Kimmel:

Don Rickles Roasting Ronald Reagan & Martin Scorsese:

It’s always helpful to remember that a bar or bat mitzvah, although a momentous occasion, does not always have to feel so serious.

If the pressure of memorizing your Torah portion or putting on the best mitzvah party ever starts to weigh on your shoulders, just look to fellow Jews like Don Rickles who inserted humor into the darkest nooks and crannies of political (in)correctness and made light of absolutely everything!

Even if you don’t decide to incorporate comedy into the actual event of your bar/bat mitzvah, you’ll at least laugh away the stress of putting one on in the process.


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