Sometimes the boys get all the attention, but the night your daughter celebrates her Bat Mitzvah will be all hers, no matter how many brothers she has. It’s the night she takes her place as a member of the adult community, no longer a little girl but a young woman according to the most ancient and revered traditions of Judaism. When that night comes you will need to make sure everything is just right. This only happens once in a girl’s life.

What kind of music does your daughter and her friends listen to? Do you know or have you just shut it out as so much “noise” like our parents did when we started playing our songs at that age. There’s no need to worry if you have. A Bat Mitzvah DJ from Scott Topper Productions knows what your kids are listening to and we not only have it, but our DJ’s know how to mix it just the way teenagers like it.

Think about that special day for a moment. The ceremony will be over and the girls will all gather together in a group, giggling like teens despite their new found status in the adult community. They will want to eat, get all of that family stuff out of the way, and then dance to music they love for hours on end. That’s what teenage girls do and you are responsible for making sure it happens. No pressure.

Before you call anyone else, call us at here at STP. We’re Bat Mitzvah experts who know how to entertain the young crowd many adults just don’t understand. We’ve been doing it since 1982 and we have experience with hundreds of these events, all a smashing success. We have the references to prove it if you like. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll know at least one family we have provided a Santa Barbara Mitzvah DJ for in the past.

There are a lot of different types of entertainment professionals in Southern California and many of them are very good, but there are only a few that classify as qualified and experienced Bat Mitzvah DJ’s. Scott Topper Productions is one of them and we would be honored to be the entertainment at your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

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