Do you want to be known as the one who threw “The Party” of 2010? The year is just beginning so you can start planning now for the event that your friends and neighbors will be talking about when the turn of the next decade happens. It’s officially the end of the first ten years of the new millennium and you won’t be the only one thinking about a summer or holiday bash to commemorate that. Let’s call this one the “End of the Oughts” for lack of a better term and let’s start with a Santa Barbara Disc Jockey.

The DJ can make or break a party. If you have any experience at all going to events that feature music you know that a poor Santa Barbara DJ can absolutely ruin a party. If the music is off or the guy spinning it has no personality your guests will not have a good time. Scott Topper has been entertaining Southern California crowds since 1982 so you can be certain if you hire STP your party will be a smashing success.

Are you going to rent a hall or perhaps have a small bash by the pool? With a hall you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards but with a pool party you can have some real outdoor fun in the sun or under the stars. This is Southern California after all so a party of the decade here should be an outdoor show. Our Santa Barbara DJ’s are up for it. We like a good outdoor dance party just as much as the next person.

If not a pool party, there are other types of parties we would be happy to entertain at for you. Beach parties are a lot of fun as are tent parties and lawn parties. We have some fabulous dancers working for us that can put on a show and teach your guests a few new steps. These flexible and entertaining young men and women do everything from Waltzes and Fox Trots to Hip Hop so you’ll be smiling for sure at one of our shows. There are only a few months left in the decade so don’t wait too long to set it up. We’re ready now if you need us to do the music and dancing for you.

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