According to tradition, your son will become a man on the day he celebrates his Bar Mitzvah. Does the DJ who will handle the entertainment at his celebration understand that? The customs involved go back thousands of years to the days of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph. Everyone who takes part in the planning of this special day needs to understand that and everyone who participates must know the significance of it.

Scott Topper Productions employs Bar Mitzvah DJ’s who understand the significance of the mitzvah. Not only do we entertain at Bar Mitzvahs, but we also entertain at Bat Mitzvahs for those special girls who are evolving into womanhood on their thirteenth birthdays. As a company that has been in business since 1982 we have done hundreds of mitzvahs and we know what the expectations and significance of this day are.

Hiring a Santa Barbara DJ under any circumstances is an involved process that requires a lot of research and the asking of some very pointed questions. Whether you’re planning a small get-together for friends or a wedding reception with family members and new in-laws, you will need to have the very best entertainment you can find. Perhaps we’re a little biased, but we feel that the right choice for you is Scott Topper Productions. We have the experience and the skill to make it the event you want it to be.

Hiring Santa Barbara mitzvah DJ’s is more difficult than simply finding someone to play music at a party or dance. You have to be selective. At thirteen years old, every minute of the evening will become a permanent memory etched in the brain of your developing teenager. He or she may be becoming an adult by traditional standards, but their feelings and emotions are in many ways still those of a child. Caution must be used when selecting the music and venue for the mitzvah.

Scott Topper Productions understands the significance of the bar mitzvah and we know how to make it the special occasion that a teenager will remember fondly his entire life. We have done hundreds of them and we can provide you references from satisfied parents and young adults who’ve been the recipients of our expertise.

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