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We are a boutique Rancho Cucamonga Wedding DJ company providing services in Southern California. We are also Southern California’s Most Referred & Preferred Music & DJ Entertainment Company Since 2001.

Did you know that the average couple will spend between 200 to 300 hours to plan their wedding? That’s like spending anywhere between 25 to 37.5 full-time workdays on wedding planning! You already have so much on your plate, so why add to it if you can help it? Sure, leaving your iPod on shuffle can work in a pinch, but do you really want to do that for the day you’ve always been dreaming of? Maybe you’re already tight on money and don’t want to spend more on a wedding DJ. But we assure you: it’ll be worth every penny you spend.

Here are Three Top Reasons to Hire a Los Angeles Wedding DJ

1. It Looks More Professional
You’ve probably already spent a lot of time and money on making your LA wedding look amazing. In fact, the average wedding costs over $44,000!

So why let all that be ruined just because you want to save money and put on your iPod instead? Or worse yet, hire the neighborhood teen to play music through their laptop? This can look and sound tacky.

When you hire a Los Angeles wedding DJ, you’re getting professionalism.

First of all, they’ll make sure that what they’re wearing matches with your wedding and that it looks nice. They won’t just show up in sneakers and a t-shirt, unless that’s what you want, of course.

Also, they’ll bring equipment that’s spotless and will ensure that the DJ area is clutter-free. That way, if they’re in any photos (and they will be), their area won’t be an eyesore.

2. We Know Exactly What to Play and When
LA Wedding DJs aren’t just curators of good music. They also have the training and experience that enables them to play the perfect songs at the right times.

A neighbor’s kid surely isn’t going to know how to do that, much less your iPod.

Consider this: there are around 20 to 30 songs played per hour at weddings. It takes a lot of planning and skills to be able to queue up all the tracks for your big day. And all it takes is for one bad song to put a damper on things.

Don’t leave it to chance. By hiring a Los Angeles Wedding DJ, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the best wedding songs will be played and nothing else.

3. We’ll Help Immensely With Planning
Contrary to popular belief, wedding DJs don’t just hit play, sit back, and relax. Instead, they’re very detailed in the tracks they play, carefully queuing up the perfect songs for every moment.

In fact, they’ll sit down with you to discuss what the day (and night) will look like. You can them which songs hold meaning for you and they can play these songs at the right times, such as for your first dance. You can also talk about which songs you don’t want played, like you and your ex’s song.

You can also discuss what announcements they need to make for you. For instance, you might need a segue from your wedding toast to people getting out on the dancefloor to have some fun. Wedding DJs can make sure transitions go smoothly.

Because they know your wedding day’s timeline, your wedding DJ can actually help things move along in the background. The songs they play will depend on how on-track your schedule is, so they’ll do their best to keep things running smoothly.

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