Scott Topper Events – Virtual Event Producer

Virtual Professional Host & Online Emcee

Online Live Emcee Host

Scott is a Virtual Corporate Spokesperson and an Online Video website spokesperson and remote video web presenter.

Facing Challenges Due to Coronavirus? Working from home?
Remove Onsite Risks, Host a Virtual Event with Scott Topper Productions!


Virtual Corporate Event Emcee Scott Topper can help you with your corporate virtual events online. He has pre-production, post production, editing, and a green screen.

Need event marketing support? We can help! Want recaps and tech setup? Scott can produce all your virtual needs for virtual events, online conferences, live webinars, and virtual panels. Scott can help with the details of an event to work with the client and make the event happen!

Watch Santa Barbara Commission for Women Service Awards Ceremony 2020 BELOW:

HERE’s What We DO:
• Work with the fundraiser client/auctioneer to solidify event scripts
• Problem solve check listed activities
• Revise process templates
• Assign and review work from graphic designer for slides
• Technical ability to use auction management software
• Become production director during the event

Scott has experience with:
• Storytelling and scripting
• Leading the production of events
• Working on virtual galas, fundraisers and award shows
• Online events
• Checklists

Virtual Event Producer to support Zoom Conferences

We have transitioned from live events to virtual events featuring virtual live streaming Zoom webinars for TV Broadcasts.

Scott is familiar with producing virtual events and webinars. Scott has the technology and providers for these services and he is a specialist to help you to coordinate your live virtual event. We help with the following:

– Build and Coordinate all elements of your virtual event or webinar

– Interact with all speakers to schedule & rehearse

– Work with speakers to rehearse and test their camera equipment, ensure optimal backgrounds and lighting

– Create run of show schedules

– Manage day of event along with Virtual team

– Manage rehearsals

– Create show schedules

– Test speakers equipment and provide virtual backgrounds

We help you to Craft a Unique and Compelling Virtual Experience
It’s a common mistake: experienced event pros planning their first virtual event seek to replicate face-to-face experiences online. The problem? Not everything in a face-to-face event translates well to an online experience. In addition, by focusing solely on replicating a face-to-face event experience, you miss out on exclusive opportunities that an online experience provides.

While virtual event planners will have less ability to gauge body language and facial expressions, proxies can be used to measure engagement: number of questions during a webinar, number of users in a networking lounge, number of chat messages exchanged, etc.

We ensue that your engagement strategy makes use of the features provided by the virtual event platform.

Think Beyond the Livestream
Yes, the livestream is a primary element of the event experience. In a virtual event, the livestream covers the audio or video presentations (e.g., keynotes, main sessions, breakout sessions, etc.). In a hybrid event, where a face-to-face event is extended online, the livestream includes video broadcasts from the stage.

If you understand what your online audience wants and create an experience to meet those needs, your event will stand out. Also consider the needs of the speakers and presenters of your virtual event. Speaker training is different compared to face-to-face events. As a Virtual event planner, we familiarize presenters with the Q&A feeds, chat feeds and other interactive features that are available in the platform.

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