Alright, so you’ve hired an Encino Mitzvah DJ and there are some concerns about what he will or will not do. What should you realistically expect from him? You want your son and his friends to be happy with the entertainment so there are a few questions you should ask ahead of time. You’ll also want to make sure he’s someone who is going to be somewhat traditional. Bar Mitzvah is after all an ancient and sacred custom, not just another chance to get all the relatives together and kibitz about the economy and the real estate market.

Does your DJ come advertised as a mitzvah DJ or is he just an entertainer who happens to be available on that particular date? This is an important distinction. Scott Topper Productions employs real bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah DJ’s that are familiar through experience with the culture and traditions associated with being Jewish. Those who haven’t been through it themselves have difficulty understanding the magnitude of this particular event in a young person’s life.

Another good question to ask is about familiarity with traditional music. The kids will want you to play Hip Hop or Rock all night long but you as a parent will want to make sure they’re exposed to at least a little of the music of their ancestors. Once again, the mitzvah DJ Southern California looks to most often for this is Scott Topper Productions. With over twenty years of experience and hundreds of mitzvahs under our belt we know just the right mix to play and how to do it so everyone is happy.

What kind of music do your kids like? This is an important question to ask them and an issue that your mitzvah DJ needs to have a good handle on. Entertaining thirteen year olds is not the same as playing music for adults. Grown ups will walk up to the DJ and request a music change if they aren’t happy, kids will just stop paying attention and wander off somewhere, saving the complaints for later. STP DJ’s know how to keep teenagers involved, eliminating the need for you to worry about where they are or what they are doing.

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