leprechaun3(1)March is a month known for coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb
(or vice versa), “madness” on the college basketball courts, and an Irish
tribute to a little thing called luck.

We know we can’t control the weather or who wins March Madness. (Nor will we
even try!) And we don’t pretend we can control luck. But we do believe we can help to
make you a little luckier when it comes to music.

As an old Persian saying goes: “Go and wake up your luck.” Enjoying great
music will go a long way toward keeping good luck on your side, and a smile
on your face.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we have decided to compile a list of songs to
get you in the luck o’ the Irish spirit. These songs go best with a Guinness
(or if you’re actually in Ireland a Bulmer’s cider) and a side of bangers
and mash. Some of these are great songs that have stood the test of time in
pubs from long ago, and some are newer songs sure to become modern day
classics. Enjoy and Erin Go Braugh!

Top Five St. Patrick’s Day Songs

1. Finnegan’s Wake-The Dubliners
This band has a made 40 plus year career out of Irish drinking songs and
continue to bring smiles to those who have imbibed in a few too many
Smithwick’s. Finnegan’s Wake is sure to have you saying ‘Cheers!’ the your
new best friend beside you in the bar.

2. Whiskey in a Jar-Metallica
This song has been covered by everyone from The Pogues, Thin Lizzy, and even
The Greatful Dead. But nothing beats the hard, get off your butt and fight
(and then hug it out) with the guy next to you sound of Metallica’s version.
It is addictive and exquisitely remastered.

3. Nancy Whiskey-Gaelic Storm
It was between this and Pina Colada in a Pint Glass by the Irish band Gaelic
Storm. And while Pina Colada will have you smiling and singing along,
Whiskey Nancy will have you stomping your feet and turning your living room
into a rustic pub complete with Irish drummers and dancers. Nothing tops the
authenticity of this song.

4. The Wild Rover-Dropkick Murphy’s
Yet another traditional Irish diddy redone by a kick butt modern band. The
Dropkick Murphy’s are known to wear kilts during their shows and manage to
not look lame in the process. This version of the bar classic is complete
with clinking pint glasses and a drunk crowd singing in the background. Who
doesn’t want to be there?

5. If I Ever Leave this World Alive-Flogging Molly
Ok. So this is more of a ballad song than a celebration of everything Irish.
But this energetic band from the land of leprechauns has so much quality
material that their softer side still rings with sincerity, which is hard to
find when you’re indulging as much as most do on St. Paddy’s Day.

We hope you will go out and dance and enjoy good fortune this coming spring!


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