It is important to us as a professional entertainer to keep our clients happy at all times. The disc jockeys who work for Scott Topper Productions are some of the finest in our industry, polished, professional, and up to date on all of the latest music and dances that are topping the charts today. They are also well-versed in traditional music. Our Westlake Village Bar Mitzvah DJ’s are in high demand because of that knowledge. It is what all of the parents want on the day of their son’s Bar Mitzvah.

So what does your son want from us? When we sit down with the parents to plan a Bar Mitzvah we also like to sit with the young man who will be celebrating his entrance into adulthood. He knows what he likes and this is a time in his life where his input begins to be valuable. Experience as Bar Mitzvah DJ’s has made us aware that, without this valuable input, the event may not be the success the parents want it to be.

Can you name your son’s five favorite musical groups? If you can you are more knowledgeable on the subject than ninety-nine percent of all other parents. The musical tastes of the younger generation are changing constantly and there are choices for them that allow for different preferences within the same social group at times. If you have two sons who are a year apart in age there’s a good chance that they don’t listen to the same music. It’s our job as Bar Mitzvah DJ’s to know that.

Another good reason for us to speak with the young man celebrating is to make sure he is familiar with the DJ and can converse easily with him during the event. Your son needs to be the center of attention at his own Bar Mitzvah and the man in charge of the event. If the DJ is a stranger to him he will have a hard time convincing his friends that he has everything under control. Uncertainty and being uncomfortable are not two feelings he wants to have on the night he becomes a responsible adult.

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