Mixing timeless traditions with modern culture and music can be difficult to say the least. When it comes to finding the right mitzvah DJ Southern California has been searching for a very long time. Finally, Scott Topper Productions, a real live mitzvah DJ in the traditional sense of the word, is available to residents in Santa Barbara and surrounding communities. Parents no longer have to spend hours explaining to the entertainment exactly what they expect at their son’s or daughter’s rite of passage.

Mitzvah is a time when boys and girls become men and women responsible for their own actions. It is a special time in Jewish culture and all that are affiliated with it should have an intimate familiarity with what is involved. That is where Scott Topper gives you more than any general disc jockey service can offer you. Many of the men and women who work for our agency have been through bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah in their own life and know what it means.

Bar Mitzvah DJ’s need to know how to entertain a crowd that is made up of thirteen year old boys and girls. This is a challenge. The attention span tends to be short and the musical tastes may not be clearly defined yet. There are however certain things that a DJ can do to make sure the event goes smoothly. Much of that is determined ahead of time. Our mitzvah DJ’s try to sit down with both the parents and the teens beforehand to do a question and answer session about likes, dislikes, and expectations on both sides.

Of course, boys aren’t the only ones who celebrate a coming of age in Jewish culture. Girls are also considered responsible for their actions when they reach the age of thirteen. Scott Topper Productions employs Bat Mitzvah DJ’s who are familiar with the customs and traditions surrounding a girl’s rite of passage. You as a parent can fulfill all of your musical needs in one place with Scott Topper. Once all the children become adults we can be the entertainment at the wedding too.

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