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2 1/2 Years from the Mitzvah:

1. Even though it may seem like lightyears into the future, your child’s mitzvah will come around the corner in no time. Thus, it’s pivotal to pick a date about two and half years out. Picking a date with what seems like time to spare will actually help you to be right on track during the whole planning process.

2. Begin researching bar/bat mitzvah planners. Many are booked years ahead of time due to having coordinated siblings’ mitzvahs, so be sure to alleviate stress by finding the right planner to be on your team well in advance.

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2 Years from the Mitzvah:

2. Book your planner. If you want to know which venues are the best and easiest to work with, which florist can really pull off the style you want, or where to secure the highest quality but least expensive linens, then a planner is your buddy — they will guide you through the entire process with the ease and knowledge that only comes from experience.

3. Book your venue. Venues also book up well in advance and the hottest locations are in high demand come mitzvah planning!

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1 1/2 Years from the Mitzvah:

4. With your planner’s insight, begin booking your caterer, photographer, and Los Angeles DJ. You want to make sure that you don’t have to settle for second best when it comes to these categories because they are such an integral part of the bar/bat mitzvah experience. A Mitzvah DJ, for example, might be especially important to the mitzvah boy or girl because dancing is such a big part of the celebration.

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1 Year from the Mitzvah:

5. Choose a theme and color palette. Doing so will make the rest of the pieces in the puzzle come together much easier because it will help to narrow down your selections. It will also  allow your planner to tap into their hidden gems in the arena of niche vendors and unique details.

6. Choose a florist. A florist is so much more than a flower arranger; a savvy florist will know exactly how to execute the centerpieces and tie them in seamlessly with the entire theme.

7. Select invitations. Invitations can be elaborate, traditional, and of course tech-based (check out the many video invitations on YouTube). No matter the medium, an invitation can certainly set the tone for the celebration and raise anticipation among the young party-goers. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy as long as it is true to your child’s personality and the feel of the event.

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The rest of the tasks — such as picking out decor, party favors, confirming numbers with vendors, and finalizing rentals — can fall into the hands of your planner. Of course, some parents want to be involved in every detail of the mitzvah while others desire a more hands-off approach. Whatever yours happens to be, being organized throughout the process (and hiring a planner to create organization for you) will make the preparation a much more enjoyable and smooth experience.

Bottom line: planning a bar/bat mitzvah does not have to be a challenging process; with the right preparation and team by your side, you’ll have plenty of reasons to celebrate. Mazel tov!


photo credit: photos 1 through 7 –, photography by Kelsey Crews Photography

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