Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events Consults With Party Time With Scott Topper TV Show For A Sparkling 2016

Two weeks until our first production day! Scott Topper, Heidi Mike Whitcomb, Lani Ballonoff, looking forward to the ride, my friends!


Party Time with Scott Topper has become one of the community’s most beloved local television features. Produced at independent studio TV Santa Barbara, the show’s founder, producer and host Scott Topper, is the first to admit that it’s like “community theater”. So, for someone like me whose background includes the theater arts, the local “feel” of folks putting in their heart and soul into an endeavor with a little quirky touch really appealed to me. When Scott asked me to co-produce and come up with a fresh concept for his 2016 shows, I was thrilled. I have worked with Scott for years professionally working weddings & events and having watched Party Time with Scott Topper, thought it would be a great opportunity to do one of the things that I do best: inspire with fresh concepts and bring people together. Plus, I would be working with Scott , so I knew it would just be plain fun.

The Show: Party Time with Scott Topper is a showcase of local wedding and event professionals being interviewed by Scott, showing video highlights of each event professionals’ work. Woven in between are some fun games and related activities hosted by Scott. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the Santa Barbara events community. The set has always been a lovely sitting area with specialty lighting for guests.

My Vision for 2016: I thought we should take the set to the next level. Since Scott is interviewing event professionals, I felt the set should be reminiscent of an actual event and that each episode should feature a different theme that the guests and sponsors talk about and share planning tips on. I wanted the viewer to feel like they are joining a party and as the camera zoomed in, I thought it would lovely to have the set be unexpected and a whole fresh look for each theme. I also felt it was a great way to allow the event supply partners who were also sponsors of the show (providing the items for set design) to showcase their special items and talk about how they pertained to the theme and offer inspiration for event planning. The themes that will be featured for each show include: Moroccan (where guests and host will be seated on the floor on pillows and the setting will be reminiscent of a cabana with jewel-tone drapery, lanterns, glow and specialty cuisine); Garden-themed with outrageous specialty lighting and outdoor magical inspiration; and Gentlemen’s Lounge , with cigars and brandy, leather and masculine hues. The latter ties into a new service I am launching for my business, Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings and Events: the Gentlemen’s Bootcamp and The Groom’s Lounge.

The Cast (so far): Founder, Producer & Host: Scott Topper of Scott Topper Productions | Co-Producer for 2016 & Set Design Concept: Kerry Lee Dickey of Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events | Sponsors: Ventura Rental Party Center | SPARK Creative Events | Catering Connection | SBBB Gourmet Catering | Vintage Rentals USA | Mira Bella Salon | Scheduled Guests: Angelina Toporov (Vintage Rentals USA); Ursula O’Neill (Catering Connection); Warren Butler, Montecito Event Center; Heidi Whitcomb (Ventura Rental Party Center); Lani Ballonoff (SPARK Creative Events); Jessica Miller (SBBGourmet Catering); Kerry Lee Dickey (Santa Barbara Wine Country Weddings & Events) | ….more to come, check back soon!

We are so excited to watch Party Time with Scott Topper grow in 2016 and to be a part of this fun community industry endeavor!

Watch previous episodes of Party Time with Scott Topper by clicking here.

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